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Camping Essentials List for This Summer

Wednesday, 20th September 2023


Camping Essentials List for Summer and Beyond…

Whatever the season, when you plan on spending ‘wild time’ in the great outdoors (going on a camping holiday, in other words), it makes sense to stock up on all of the right accessories. Your packing list should include most of the following – but there are also many other useful items you could take, too. You can find everything you need at Leisure World Direct.

Packing list for camping


Whether you’re travelling in a motorhome, campervan or caravan for your time away, awnings are a great addition to your gear. Essentially, it’s a temporary extension which affixes to the side of your vehicle, and which provides extra space to sit and socialise (or perhaps use as a ‘porch’). Larger awnings can also provide more bedroom space for families on the move, and so these are incredibly useful pieces of kit. Awnings are available in two types: ‘drive-aways’ can be disconnected from the vehicle and left in situ while you drive off for the day; and ‘fixed’ awnings, which are attached to the main vehicle permanently and so are unable to leave free-standing.


If you’re on an outdoor break and have travelled to your campsite destination in a car rather than in a leisure vehicle, it’s possible that you will need a tent. Although you will still see the odd one-person or two-person tent dotted about, these days it’s much more common for large multi-room tents to be the best family tents. Often made with lightweight all-weather fabric, and designed to pack away neatly into a carry bag, family tents offer a great ‘home from home’ – and if you also take along inflatable furniture then your comfort will really be maximised!

Air beds:

In ‘ye olden times’ people often used to bed down in a sleeping bag directly on the groundsheet – and they would be cold and uncomfortable as a consequence. Air mattresses were a game-changer, offering some much-needed comfort for sleepers, and therefore a lot less grumpy faces at breakfast coffee time! Available in different sizes to suit, and often now featuring ‘air lock’ systems to ensure no air leakage during the night, the quality of these air beds has improved year on year. Some premium brands, such as Kampa, feature a non-slip, soft touch surface and utilise a beam construction which provides strength, firmness, and comfort.


On your trips you can take along fold-away furniture or inflatable furniture, or a mixture of both. Making sure you have somewhere to sit – and somewhere to dine – is a bit of a priority when you go on a camping holiday, so a fold-away bistro set could be just the thing. Stable enough to provide you with a great spot to sit and eat, yet neat and simple enough to fold away into unobtrusive form for when you’re ready to pack up and hit the road. There are many other types of seat, stool and lounger available, and you should pick the combination that works for you (always remembering that you will need the space to transport this stuff in your vehicle).


Although you won’t be millions of miles away from civilisation, the chances are that you could be somewhat off the beaten track and so a distance away from community lighting. Therefore, it’s a wise move to take some of your own. You could use solar lanterns to mark your pitch, or at the least a path through the middle of it to your vehicle or to your tent door, so that you don’t struggle when the sun has been switched off for the day! Similarly, you should make sure to take along some lamps for around your tent.

Sat Nav system:

Okay, this one can be used all year round and not just for the few weeks per year that you’ll be camping. A satellite navigation system relies on geo-positioning (courtesy of the satellite infrastructure) to work out where you are and how to get to where you want to go. It’s invaluable, really, as it negates the need for a navigator and gives up-to-date accurate information regarding your chosen route. A remarkable little box, and no wonder it’s so popular amongst travellers. Of particular interest to motorhome and campervan users will be the sat nav models which account for your vehicle specification – and so plot the most best road route across the UK or Europe determined on the height, weight, length and width of your vehicle.

Portable BBQ or camping stove:

A very handy addition to any cooking facilities in your vehicle (if you have travelled in a campervan or motorhome), and a useful item to take along if you’ve travelled in your car. A portable barbecue gives you the option of cooking out of doors, whether it is powered by gas or coal, as does a gas-powered cooking stove. As long as you check campsite rules before you spark up (to make sure that barbecues and stoves are allowed, or at what times they are allowed) then you should be okay. Absolutely key is not to leave any mess behind at all. Always behave responsibly, and make sure you dispose of remnants in the right way. Never ever leave them behind.


We mentioned the olden days a few items ago, and we’re loath to tell you how people used to go to the toilet when camping in the past. On campsites it was usually no problem – there was probably a toilet block or an outdoor loo. But for those camping a little more ‘in the wild’ it could prove logistically difficult! Therefore, one of the greatest inventions is the Portable Camping Toilet – including this one with heavy duty, corrosion resistant and quick release side latches. Now you can do your holiday Sudoku with no stress!

On the road trips are hugely enjoyable, and time away travelling is the perfect way to escape the rigours of domesticity and routine. Just like normal life, though, you will get the most out of it if you have the right accessories and extras. Whatever these items are - sometimes small, sometimes bigger, sometimes essential, sometimes just for fun – adding them to your on the road life will increase your possibilities. Browse with us to see the vehicles we’ve currently got in stock and once you’ve found something which interests you then get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to talk!